“A home is a sculpture you can live in.”

About us

Founded in 2020, Cali Architects is at the forefront of reshaping contemporary Filipino design and construction methodologies. Our approach seamlessly melds Tropical Brutalism with the essence of island living, culminating in a harmonious fusion of Minimalism and the beauty of wabi-sabi aesthetics. Welcome to a new era in architectural innovation.

Peu Brut v.1

Introducing “Peu Brut” – A Brutalist Tiny House – a harmonious fusion of raw, bold design and lush tropical beauty. Explore a world where minimalism meets brutalism in a breathtaking tiny home.
Building footprint is as big as a garage. I started conceptualizing “Peu Brut” almost a month already. I was inspired with the situation we have today. Taking social distancing to another level, what if we just live in isolation where we can be self sustaining and off-the-grid for a long period of time? ⁠
Size: 3m x 7m
Spaces: Parking, Sanitation Room, Full Bathroom, Kitchenette, Dining bar, Living Room, Sleeping Loft and Roof Deck

Peu Brut v.2

A vision for mass production. Designing a 26sqm home that could go off-the grid and can be built relatively anywhere. Ready for solar panels and water harvesting system. This home has a full bathroom, a sleeping loft that fits a Queen sized bed, a kitchen, a living room and a lanai that can be used for al fresco dining. Imagine this on a mountain view or beach front type of setting. What a treat would it be

Peu Brut 00

Two Tiny Houses With Infinity Pool

Execration Bootcamp Extension

A Proposal for Team Execration's bootcamp extension. It is the melting point of green architecture and technological innovation.

Container Hope

Redesigning/repurposing Benjamin Saxe's "Container of Hope".

Grey Area

Grey Area is an oasis in the heart of Batangas. A one stop shop where people can spend the whole day with different experiences.

Casa Borbon

Two Story Vacation Home with Infinity Pool

Peu Brut 08

Two Tiny Houses with Infinity Pool - Baler

Hydro Home

Three Bedroom Compact Home - Antipolo

Ulterior Home

Iloilo Design-Build

Siargao Hills

A Brutalist multi-family home in the Island of Siargao

Peu Brut 06

Brutalist Tiny House located on top of the urban mountain of Baguio City.

Shangri-La Project

Baguio City


Sustainable Land Development

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